What are Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash Extensions are the practice whereby the length, thickness, fullness (and sometimes colour) of natural eyelashes are enhanced.
The extensions Idoll Eyes use are made from synthetic silk.

Who invented Eyelash Extensions?
One of the earliest known attempts to enhance eyelashes was during the times of the Ancient Egyptians, when royalty used black powder called ‘kohl’ to protect their eyes against sand, dust and bugs. However, this was to provide practical benefits, rather than cosmetic.
Famed filmmaker D.W.Griffith is often credited as the creator of eyelash extensions; but Griffith certainly wasn’t the original creator. In fact, five years prior in 1911 a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor patented the first artificial eyelash in the U.S. Additionally in 1915, German born Charles Nestle (aka Karl Nessler) manufactured false eyelashes and even owned his own salon in New York which specialised in lash treatments.
In 1917 Maybelline was born, and soon after, became a market leader in eye cosmetics – though namely “eyelash darkener” which they started to call ‘mascara’ in 1933. It was around this time that they started producing their first commercially available false eyelashes, which, by the mid 1930’s, women were enjoying all over the world.
Fast forward to the present day, and eyelashes are a standard feature of cosmetics and day-to-day life.
Enormous advancements have been seen within the industry over the past 100 years, with safer application methods, product testing and accredited training courses.

Are Eyelash Extensions all the same length and thickness?
No. Eyelash extensions come in a wide range of thicknesses, length, curl and colour.
With so many combinations possible, the final result/look can vary greatly.
It is for this very reason that Idoll Eyes performs a thorough consultation before your appointment to gain an understanding of the results/look you are wishing to achieve, alongside what will best suit your lifestyle, to ensure you are getting the most from your extensions.

What’s the Difference?
Unlike Classic Lashes where one extension is safely applied to one natural lash (and the fullness of the set limited to the amount of natural lashes a client has), the Russian Volume (RV) technique provides for the safe application of 2-8 SUPER fine lashes per natural lash.
A handmade ‘fan of lashes’ of 2-8 super fine lashes are created and dipped into a very small amount of adhesive once, and applied to one natural lash; creating a fluffy, volume filled soft look.
If you have ever heard of or used Cluster Lashes before, you may think that RV Lashes are the same…wrong!
Cluster Lashes are pre-manufactured fans of lashes that have already been dipped into adhesive, meaning that a secondary adhesive dip is required when applying to the natural lash. This creates for a much heavier fan, and has the potential to cause lash damage and irritation etc.
The RV Technique is a technically advanced procedure with ‘fans of lashes’ handmade and professionally applied.
Whilst RV Lashes may cost more, and they will take longer to apply; with the correct professional application and aftercare, they will also last you a lot longer. More lashes, lighter lashes, and longer lasting.

How are Eyelash Extensions applied?
Your natural lashes are isolated to one natural lash, and the extension applied to the one lash just slightly out from your lash line. This is performed for all your lashes one by one until a full set is applied.
The RV technique has the same principle however, will see a super fine ‘fan’ of lashes applied to one of your natural lashes.

How long do Eyelash Extensions last?
Our natural lashes are continually replenishing, just like the hair on our head, with an estimated life cycle of 6-8 weeks.
Eyelash Extensions will last as long as this life cycle, and will fall with your natural lash.
Of course, the lifetime of your extensions will also be influenced by the correct extension type chosen by your Lash Artist, the professional and correct application, and your own careful aftercare.

Will Eyelash Extensions damage my natural lashes?
No. It is however, critical that a professionally trained and quality Lash Artist, such as us, is chosen to apply your eyelash extensions and provide you the information necessary for your aftercare.
Professional extensions are high in quality, lightweight and gentle to natural lashes. With correct extension type chosen to compliment the natural lash.
Professional and quality application, and your own careful aftercare, your natural lashes will remain as they were before eyelash extensions.

Can I resume normal activities?
Yes. That’s one of the great benefits of eyelash extensions.
Immediately following your treatment, you are required to keep your Eyelash Extensions dry for 24-48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure/bond. After this ‘dry time’, yes!
Whilst extreme temperatures, including sitting in sauna’s for example are discouraged, you can still resume your normal activities. Even swimming!

When will I require a refill?
It will really depend on you! There is no right or wrong timeframe, it will depend on how you feel as to when you want a refill. Some ladies’ don’t mind their lashes looking less voluminous as they fall, whereas others prefer to have them looking full as often as possible.
Generally speaking, most ladies’ will seek a refill at the 2-3 week mark.

Can I wear eye makeup with my extensions / what about removing eye makeup?
One of the delights in Eyelash Extensions is that you will look as though you already have mascara on, and will therefore not have a need for eye makeup.
We discourage the use of mascara altogether however, you still wish to wear eye makeups, it is recommended that oil-free products are used. If makeups contain oil (as so many do), this can attribute to premature falling of your eyelash extensions.
Removal of your makeup can also be a contributor to premature falling of your eyelash extensions and in some cases can cause damage due to pulling. ‘Gentle’ is the key word here.
Using eyelash extension safe makeups and makeup removal wipes are a great way to avoid any unnecessary falling of your extensions. Most extension safe products are available in salon for purchase.
Ask your Lash Artist for more information.

Can I cleanse my face as normal?
Yes. In fact, it’s important that you cleanse your face, your lashes and lash line, to remove any dirt and oils that have built up during the day. A clean lash line and clean lashes with oil-free cleansers will actually aid in the longevity of your extensions as the dirt and oils won’t be sitting on the extension bond slowly breaking it down.
Similarly with eye makeups, the products you use to cleanse your face should be ideally oil-free to avoid any premature falling of your extensions.
When cleansing in and around your lashes and lash line, take care, and be gentle to avoid any pulling at your extensions.

Specially formulated Eyelash Extension safe Lash Foam Cleanser can be purchased in salon.

I’ve heard stories about people having reactions, will this happen to me?
Reactions to Eyelash Extensions are very rare, and is attributed to the adhesive itself.
If you have any concerns, we welcome you to visit us for a complimentary Patch Test.

Are the materials and methods used safe?
Yes. All materials used at Idoll Eyes are of the highest professional quality, meaning that the adhesive is latex, formaldehyde and fume free, meeting the national standards set. The eyelash extensions themselves are again a very high professional quality, and completely safe for use.
Our tools and equipment used are fully sterilised before AND after each and every client.